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Aural Stimulation

Something Just Occurred… to Me

A Northern forest will never know the beauty of an Ocean’s majesty.

My mind drifted at work, again. Suddenly, it was like a 70’s radio station… I couldn’t get "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" out of my head. It occurred to me… ever so briefly, but long enough to say out loud, “I wonder if the song popped into my head because… I was born in the seventies, and one day I had a thought while this song was playing on the radio… and somewhere along the way, I hadn’t finished that thought. Now I finished the thought and the song is free to continue playing somewhere in my head otherwise occupied by that thought.”

I’m kind of weird.

…and I don’t know how to use a knife sharpener…

Trembling Blue Stars?

It is so it’s almost.

Yes, it is a sentence. Now some people might say, “hey, that’s a darned sloppy sentence you’ve got there.” A priori argument aside, what the hell was I thinking? It is… so it is almost? It is so… it is almost? It is so it is… almost? Let’s just take the mystery out of those of you who cherish life’s little ambiguities, right down to the music links.

It is…
In the original context of the article Past Blaster, ‘it’ is a representation of the metaphor, ‘my blinking cursor.’ The blinking cursor exists as metaphor. A metaphor says one thing is another, but the definition of metaphor itself connotes that the thing is not what it says it is unless existence is defined as:

…so it is almost.
The blinking cursor exists in a state that is almost existence, as it fades out at the same rate it fades in.

‘It is so it is almost’ can be re-expressed in terms of ‘the cursor exists to almost exist.’ The cursor is my train of thought… the music I listen to, the fact that I’m writing to an audience that, at once, does and does not exist yet…

I finally got out to Ditch Records and spent my $70 bucks on some great stuff. I was only so sorry to leave so much behind… support your local independent music store once in a while, will you!

The Feelies

The Feelies – Only Life


This is one of the major players in the music scene I love to love. You can hear the influence of Velvet Underground - also REM (among countless other bands) quotes the Feelies as an influence in their early work. Count ‘em. Not one, but two drummers! This is one of those albums that says “cross Canada drive” to me. I seem to also remember this album playing in the background one day long ago. For some reason, all of my roommates confessed their dreams for achievement that day…each in turn in one-on-one conversations. I wasn’t sure why it was me they picked, but it may have just been the setting. This album has a way of bringing out the old baggage for re-sorting.

There is not a lot available for download due to some legal issues, so I was very happy to see a physical copy sitting in the bin at Ditch. Eventually, with some of those issues cleared up, you might be able to find some online soon. The Feelies recently reunited to open for Sonic Youth in New York on the July Fourth weekend. For those of you already familiar with this band, you’ll definitely want to check out Wild Carnation too

Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu – Cloudland


My first, my only…I love this album for everything it is; a Jackie Gleasonesque catchy beatnik artsy wonder. A song about the very first car crash is buried part way through the album and I wonder, was it an idea whose time had come, or maybe it just seemed like a good idea at the time. Allen Ravenstine tickles EML synthesizers, which most might recognize as the voice of R2D2. Somewhere in my music psyche, David Thomas directs Michael Stipe’s gargoyle spirit to rip the head off of Robert Smith’s voodoo doll, and Patti Smith applauds from the shadows.

There’s not much I can say about Pere Ubu…the experience of this band is so personal, you kind of want others to have a personal experience with this band. David Thomas’ idiot savant avant garage band speaks volumes if you suspend yourself, and a live show can be spirit altering. You know how in cartoons when time and space are altered, and the whole screen goes wavy – David seems to do that with words.

My most personal moment with this band happened when I was riding a bus past their show at the Commodore in late 1992. I was on my way back from work so late, and I was so sad to be missing the show I thought in my head so loud, “Hello David!” over and over (which, at the time, this method of thought provoking was kind of new to me - I didn’t understand it is highly intrusive and regarded as rude in the believer set). My roommate attended that show and we listened to his bootleg copy afterward. Near the end of the show, David roused the crowd to holler, over and over, “Hello!” I’m always awestruck by the fine line between believing the impossible and constructing an argument for coincidence.


My Bloody Valentine – Loveless


The album that killed an art career. I shouldn’t take things so personally, but I was attempting my first large artscape – white bristle board and black fountain ink – while listening to this album. It was an embarrassing mess, but not as embarrassing as when the art school drop out got angry at me for using up his supplies…

jonathan richman

Nick Drake – Five Leaves Left


The first time I heard Nick Drake, I closed my eyes and all I could see was grocery shopping. I felt like I was in the meat department; picking up different cuts, comparing prices…now I wish that was what I heard while grocery shopping. There is an amazing film I saw on television a couple of months ago about the life of Nick Drake ~ A Skin Too Few. His family was quite musical. His sister compares his music to Molly Drake, his mother, in one scene and it is quite mesmerizing…

poi dog pondering

Au Revoir Simone – The Bird of Music


“You make me want to measure stars in the backyard with a calculator and a ruler, baby.” Yep. That one line from the song ‘Stars’ pretty much sums it up. These synthesisters make some pretty catchy tunes…

jim guthrie The Pastels – Illumination

Imagine how happy I was when I read the liner notes (god I miss liner notes) and found out Dean Wareham (of Galaxie 500) was on a few tracks. If you love the songs of Mike Nesmith or Daniel Johnston, you’ll love The Pastels (they’ve covered both artists in the past). It’s the smoky whispering voices trailing up through the jangly guitars that make the real treat here.

moldy peaches

The Bones of Davey Jones – The Bones of Davey Jones


You’ve never heard anything like this in years. Is it revival? I’d imagine crawling through the swamp you might have heard something like this. Who uses kazoos anymore? Fun and scary. Definitely on my next Halloween list…

Another artist gone musical for you - this time from Indianapolis. I’m completely in love with this album and can’t stop listening to it. I keep trying to imagine what the vocals would sound like if they were replaced by the brass section of a middle s

bon iver

Bronze Float – Notice


chool orchestra. I’m impressed with the chances taken with the pacing, metre and rhyming scheme of the vocals. I’d love to listen to covers by Heather Lewis of Beat Happening. Hell…while I’m dreaming…I might as well say I’d love to see Heather on stage with Bronze Float. You’ve got your elements of early Felt, Chet Baker, Perry Como, Vic Chesnutt and Mary Margaret O’hara…it will be interesting to see how this continues.

bon iver

Galaxy Fuzz Band - Galaxy Fuzz Band


Where the hell have these guys been hiding? This is soundtrack music if I’ve ever heard it…video games, movies, television, commercials…there is something to be said for a band that could make a chameleon jealous. I’m still trying to decipher the voices, so don’t ruin it for me if you figure them out…

bon iver

Mt. Wilson Repeater – Mt. Wilson Repeater


It’s all so very fresh Stereolab meets Japancakes behind the Olivia Tremor Control. There’s a minor layer missing in amongst the details that makes it a quick and easy read, but I bet ‘Tether In the Haze’ will keep haunting you as much as it does me.

bon iver

Rifle Recoil - 0 =


I left my Gentleman Reg and Felt lp’s sitting on the radiator and they melted all over my Doves collection. The 16:17 song ‘I Do’ is a never ending loop of meandering guitars walking through auditory mirrors as if they were doorways – crossing the space between folk and human beatbox with deft care. Another bang for your buck song. Play it for people, and about ten minutes in they will ask, “Is this the same song?”


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