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Dining Al Fresco

Last month I told you I was freshly in-love and enjoying basking in the glow of heart shaped eyes and thoughts as sweet as puppy dogs and kittens—and that hasn’t changed one bit—but now is the month of All Hallows Eve, a time for chatting about spooky stuff and skeletons. So, how do I drift from love and delve into the spooky skeletons nestled in my closet? Well, through a choice menu of course. They say that food is a way to a person’s soul so how about I dish up a menu fit for the senses and let you eat with your fingers and feast with your imagination?

What’s on the menu Miss Nina? What’s there to tease the appetite, to satisfy and leave me feeling full, and send me drifting sweetly into my own spicy creations? Well, there’s a few items I can serve up so let’s see, let’s see how I can satisfy your cravings for your monthly dose of Nina, and all that is delicious and delovely.


As I was reading R.I.P. last month I noted M.E. Ash asked for stories about the cemetery, and it reminded me of a wee diddle I had years ago… one dark and stormy night. I didn't lose my virginity in a graveyard, but I did find a nice place to lie down and have someone tend to my shrub. Making sure to be respectful, my 'gardener' and I ensured we didn’t do it on anyone's head, but that in no way means I didn’t give head–what, what’s the shocked look on your face for? Please, we've been chatting, you and I, for months now. At this point in our relationship I think you can handle what I serve up, regardless of spice or lack of garnish.

However, I realize that sex in a graveyard may be a bit naughty, distasteful and somewhat scornful. Whatever.

Main Course:

For the main course I’m going to let you in on a dirty interlude, a good old fashioned sloppy helping of gluttony. Not being one to deny myself pleasure I can find myself in some interesting positions.

Nina, have you ever found yourself in a position where you were bent over holding your ankles, and hoping to hell balance would not fail you? Well, I thank you for your question and I must say, this is indeed a position I have found myself in, an awkward position, but satisfying. I never knew one could get so full while assuming the ankle-clutch position (actually, I never knew it was a position), but yes indeed, I have found myself in this situation. A situation where I can’t take in much more. The satisfaction is deep and the craving for heavy, rich tastes is truly satiated. Dinner is served.

Once my head was again above my heart—rather than below my knees bobbing for apples—I found myself in need of a nap; a bit of a lie-down if you will. A girl must get off her feet after all that gluttony and rest up for dessert.


Yummy, it's dessert time. My feelings about dessert: it must leave me completely satisfied. I must come away licking my lips and sucking my fingers, ensuring I enjoy every last, sticky morsel. Eyes closed—enraptured by it's taste, texture, smell and appearance.

The moonlight has served this outdoor experience well, but for dessert I'll tell you of something enjoyed under the transparent cover of the summer sun. A picnic. A sweet spread served in a vineyard with a young wine, a wine that knows how to make the most of her subtle notes.

Wine, as you know, isn't sticky, but it's an elixir that can drip, that can cause things to get wet, that can turn the heat up and produce exceptionally tasty results. Yes, I remember this day fondly and I remember it well.

There's no actual dessert here, just wine, summer sun, and a picnic table. One can surmise that I'm not sitting at this picnic table alone. A summer afternoon like this is best enjoyed with someone... someone who you can fall in love with. I'm a lucky girl, for I paired this dessert with the perfect companion, and eating outside never tasted so sweet. The wandering of hands, of soft lips kissing, and a warmth that left me breathy with satisfaction and my companion smiling, licking their lips.

All of a sudden I have a craving. A sticky sweet orb of juicy fresh fruit sure would hit the spot; a caramel apple perhaps? I wonder if I’ll find one in my trick or treat bag this year?

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