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Still Life

Fellow Aries/Taurus cusper, 17-year old Princess Gaea (as I like to call her) gave me some feed back on a couple of mixes I made. Once again, I feel I must state that I’m very much against pirated copies of anything, and any burns I make for people is solely for the purpose of promoting the bands that I feel are underrated…if the context is missing, it is probably on purpose, and one more look toward the subtext will reveal the full effect.

According to PG, “if there are songs without comments, then they didn’t really make an impression and I rated them based on how likely it is that I’d turn off the radio if they came on.” Seeing as how I’m doing this to promote, rather than to obscure, you only get to read the ones with at least a skull ratingskull ratingskull ratingskull rating rating out of skull ratingskull ratingskull ratingskull ratingskull rating.

I was trying to show my appreciation to my supervisor by coming up with this mix. One of my favorite stories is of her riding the elevator with our branch director. Turning to her he said, “You know, I saw you coming up the street and I thought to myself, ‘now there’s a real go-getter.’” Not missing a beat, she replied, “So, you’re saying I look good from a distance?”

She Doesn’t Laugh At My Jokes – Jonathan Richman skull ratingskull ratingskull ratingskull rating

PG: this song is funny. I think I understand why she doesn’t laugh.
wwy: yeah, you ever have one of those joke funks with other people? I mean where you are both funny people, but together you make absolutely no sense and no funny? It’s like that sometimes…so I wanted my super to get the point of song #2.

Everything Beautiful Is Far Away – Grandaddy skull ratingskull ratingskull ratingskull rating

PG: I like this song but it makes me sad.
wwy: this song reminds me of that story every time I hear it. It also reminds me of this horrible confidence vampire I know. It ends with, “sometimes I just want to punch the man who left me here.” I just can’t believe I never mentioned my obsession with Grandaddy before. sound:

Jorge Regula – The Moldy Peaches skull ratingskull ratingskull ratingskull rating

PG: for some reason I like it, it’s calming and makes me want to bounce my head.
wwy: that’s because you have a crazy awesome sense of fun music. “I wake up in the morning. Put on my yellow shirt. I get a bite to eat. I go to work.” did you notice the “doo-do-do do-do do-do, do do-do do do” is the riff from Low Rider?

Sensitive Artist – King Missile skull ratingskull ratingskull ratingskull ratingskull rating

PG: I love this song. I hate those kind of people. lol
wwy: I am those kind of people! I hate me too, sometimes…yeah, this song was about me putting all these bands that no one has ever heard of on a mixed cd. from forever ago. sound:

Cinder & Smoke – Iron & Wine skull ratingskull ratingskull ratingskull rating

PG: very good except for the extensive time they spend humming.
wwy: when your heart pulls you in one direction and you have to go in another direction, you get to hum like that. the base drum is a heart beat, and the humming is the yearning. there’s a bit of an homage to throat singing on this track as well. there was a time when I had to leave my position at work to fill another. I didn’t want to go, but I had to…that’s how I felt.

Let’s Build A Fire - +/- skull ratingskull ratingskull ratingskull rating

PG: good song. the only part I don’t like is the weird sound in the middle and the difference in volume from before the weird sound.
wwy: you mean the trumpet blare leading to the amplification/transition from olde tyme record player to digital sound? that weird sound is your generation’s eggshell cracking.

Guilt – The Long Blondes skull ratingskull ratingskull ratingskull rating

PG: good song, I can’t figure out if she sleeps with him in the end though, but it’s the thought that counts, right?
wwy: that’s exactly what counts!

Upper Tune-istic

Let’s see if you can follow: Nick Drake influences Fruit Bats and Iron and Wine which seem to influence Breathe Owl Breathe and Bon Iver resulting in the interesting half-sibling:

fire-crackle-as-percussion styling of…

The Accidental

The Accidental – There Were Wolves


laid-back-loose-guitar strings of…

Forest Fire

Forest Fire – Survival


organic-dancehall-raver mandolining of…

Tut Tut

Tut Tut – The Heart Goes Nine


The Friendly Giant’s Drawbridge Always Made Me Cry

You love the soft alt/indie-guitar playing of Built To Spill, but want a dreamy pop girl voice? Clapping will ensue!


Blackblack – Blackblack


(Emerald Forest) There’s that clapping I mentioned…very playful and exotic soundtrack to the stage musical of Pippi Longstockings that was never made…it does kinda sound like Annika, although the dubbed Annika because I have no idea what she really sounded like in the English version of the movie…

Now, Now Every Children

Now, Now Every Children – In The City


(In The City) Where’s all that clapping coming from? Hard and soft as Belly, lilting and profound as The Pretenders…I’m completely in awe of the music that is out there now.


Beangrowers – Dance Dance Baby


(You Are You Are) If Athens, Georgia and Manchester, UK ever had a love-child, it would most likely produce these licks from St. Julian’s, Malta.

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