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Hey Half-Baked,

Whatcha wearing? (p.s. are you cute?)

—Just Curious

Dear Curious,

To get into the spirit of the advice columnist—when I sit down to rack my brain for witty yet helpful guidance—I dress in the traditional advice columnist garb: a cowboy hat, spurs and a trench coat. I believe this "classic" look began with Dear Abby or Ann Landers, I can never tell them apart.

And yes, I am very cute.

Seriously folks,
this is the only letter I received this month? With all kinds of stuff going on in the world nobody seems to need my advice. We live in confusing times so I presume that you guys must have questions that need answering. No questions about how to deal with the homeless settling into our local parks? No questions about why our neighbours to the south who showed wisdom in selecting their new leader dropped the ball on so many other issues like the state of Arkansas joining the state of Florida in banning gay people from adopting and California overturning gay marriage? No questions about why your mother-in-law is such a bitch to you?

OK, here are your two assignments for this month:

1. If you have written-in in the past, drop me a line to let me know how things turned out. Did my advice help or did it just cause more confusion?

2. Half-Baked has realized that the time has come to quit smoking (cigarettes). Any advice for me? What worked for you? Let's see how you guys fare (and don't forget, to give decent advice you really should try dressing up as mentioned above).

Til next month...

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