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I recently switched from Telus to Shaw and so far my only complaint is the free cable. It’s rotting my mind. I tried to cancel it after the 'free 30 days' but the nice customer service rep couldn’t cancel my cable for some odd reason. She added a credit so I won’t be charged, but I still begged and pleaded with her; “Nancy Grace is making me angry, I need her out of my house.” The list goes on.

I mean really, who the fuck is running our parole boards that Stephen Reid has been granted day parole, Susan Musgrave? No offence to Ms. Musgrave but who else wants this career criminal on the loose even for a day? Maybe the Times Colonist vouched for him, they seem to love him; I really enjoyed the big pull out life story the TC did on him… And published on Mothers’ Day… Fucking morons! Who decided that was good Mothers’ Day edition filler? Back to Stephen Reid; this guy is a career criminal who, on his last adventure with freedom, dressed in a mock uniform, entered a bank with a gun, robbed it, and sped away hanging out his window shooting at police and indirectly at the citizens of Victoria. Then to top if off, he hides under some couch cushions of an apartment he’s gained entry to, illegally of course, and he’s not fucking locked up? What message are we sending? The folks on the parole board should be removed from their positions, they have shown grave incompetence.

How is it that Alan Lowe thinks he is not in conflict with regards to suspended police chief Paul Battershill? Alan you're chairman of the police board and a witness? Really, you don’t think there is, at the very least, a perceived conflict?

Remember next election, Gary Lunn is a bully, not a nuclear facilities inspector.

Having not watched a whole lot of cable TV over the last 3 years I realized I’m not missing much and what I am missing, I can surely do without. I can’t wait until this free cable is gone and I’m back to watching downloaded HBO shows without those annoying—and mainly stupid—commercials.