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Can stimulation initiate attention?

Take my irritating, blinking cursor in distracting what I’m typing. It’s so it’s almost. “I keep stopping and starting.” The worst auto-correction: a busy signal on my page. I skip some letters and it fills in behind me just as I’m about to go back and fix it.

Manual typewriters have perfect interactivity. If I scribe exactly as I hit the keys, I’m more careful, more thoughtful about what I’d say. It’s not easy to grab a pen and scratch out or backspace and draw a line through or grab a liquid used to hide mistakes (for those post-millennial ~ I get to cheat on spelling! ~ kids, we have used erasable pens, too), so one is deadly accurate.

The minimum amount of information required is the maximum amount of interactivity required to fill in the word information in a text box. Don’t slow it down, keep it moving… it is a chance to collect thoughts; alternatively, it gives a chance to test will.

I’m not telling you a story; I hear repeating dysphonic waves.

Speaking of which, I still haven’t made it out to a record store. If I was going to pick one, which all of my friends already know as evidenced by the multi-million dollar birthday coupons (best present ever), I’d pick Ditch on Johnson Street.

So when I was at Ditch last year (the last time I picked up an actual cd and bought it), I finally settled on a nice little blast from the past~


The Buzzcocks– Singles Going Steady


I was 12. It was Saskatchewan. No, not trudging through the snow to school. It was the summer the second sister of the family, my personal hairstylist and dealer of Stephen King novels, had moved to Banff. I received care packages in the form of bootlegged cassette tapes; the likes of B-52’s and Bob Marley, and of course The Violent Femmes and The Buzzcocks. If it wasn’t for Violent Femmes, I would have thought she robbed the B section at the local record shop…I’m still not sure though.

joy division

Joy Division – Permanent


The only significant memories of music I have from before 12 years old, are of my first dance…with Mom to the tune Peppermint Twist…my first album… Weird Al Yankovic—it was a total heart-wrenching moment when I put back Joy Division for that; which I purchased using a free album liner from a coke… my first cassette…OMD—and I bought a copy for my girlfriend for Christmas too…


Love – Forever Changes


I’m 18. The next four years would be spent in Vancouver – the first two years at 2165D West Eighth. Forever Changes was the most permanently scarring soundtrack ever. No less than six, no more than 11 (with baby) people at a time stayed at the house every night. I came to terms with life in that house. I loved and acted love so hard I couldn’t tell the difference anymore. This album always brought us all together in a good way though… all the tree planters crashing in the summer loved it!

jonathan richman

Jonathan Richman – Action Packed


And the concert that brought us all together. What an amazing night it was…hash hazed group of hippy misfits crash in on the schizophrenic Country/Rock/Calypso player. I’m serious! I saw all of those guys pop out of his body at one point or another. I was captivated by the live show… catch him if you can.

poi dog pondering

Poi Dog Pondering – Poi Dog Pondering


and the last thing I heard, before Wood Guitar was the first song I heard… “This band has a song that sounds like that Sesame Street song about the Boy on The Beagle—the letter E song.” And, oh, Poi Dog Pondering, try a little less earth-beaty and a little more earth meaty. That’s what’s missing today…

jim guthrie Jim Guthrie – A Thousand Songs

I just got this. Everyone knows the singer, but most don’t know they know. Ladies and Gentlemen, the “hands in my pocket” singer. Yep. And as good and catchy as that is, you should hear Sexy Drummer ‘Aw c’mon now, you’re only 17. Aw c’mon now, you’re only 28. Aw c’mon now, you’re only 64. And that’s all I need. Aw c’mon now, you’re only 26. Aw c’mon now, you’re only 81. Aw c’mon now, you’re only 108. And that’s all I need.’ Jim’s other commercial advertises for a grocery chain, and features a blindfolded woman preparing a meal – but you’ll only see it in Victoria if you have satellite. You know how Canada always has an answer, like how Tragically Hip is Canada’s answer to REM? Well, it’s like that with Jim Guthrie and Moby. Except Jim is a guru answering a gummy worm…

moldy peaches

The Moldy Peaches – The Moldy Peaches


I just got this too. I heard about them back in the day…and even heard them back in the day, but they slipped by…until Juno, that is. The song: at the end of the film. Now they fill that void left by lack of Beat Happening and COCO

bon iver

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago


I once wrote a story dedicated to Emma Alders-Petersen; although, I don’t know anyone by that name. She seemed like she needed a story dedicated to her. I wonder if it was the same Emma? “Nature Lends Such Dreams” was an idealistic account of a gay couple taking a rafting holiday. They get hit by a rogue wave (I’m sure I was listening to Patti Smith at the time), and one of them goes missing. The story (thought I was writing about the album?) jumps ahead a bit in the future to the missing guy washing ashore on an island, and his partner driving at night wondering why they called the search off…jump ahead to when I finally heard Bon Iver, and the album (yes, I’m scribing about the album now) is something I will never tire of hearing…later I dropped the Emma line (oh, that reminds me I should pick up Urge Overkill again) and expanded the story to include a bit where the castaway explores the island and comes to a tree with dead birds tied to it like Christmas ornaments…yeah, I think the term neo-Gothic might kind of fit – both subjects…

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