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I am really glad that there is a place for Victoria people to voice their concerns.

    I have a concern about the CRD (they are not voted in but sure seem to have a lot of power).  An example of their power is that they are trying to remove the fence around the horse barn in Beacon Hill Park.

They may go ahead even though they have been told that this is the place that the Peacocks go to keep away from dogs, people and other dangers that can not come over the fence at this time.  This is also the area that they nest in and raise their young. I believe that the birds should be left in that area as they are one of the wild animals in the park that will end up going into the surrounding area and either be killed by dogs, cars or people. If they all disappear we lose something that is enjoyed by residents and tourists.

  I am not sure if they are still going through with this but maybe someone could check and let everyone know what they are doing and not do it first then tell us what they did?

Thank - you
—K.D. Smith

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