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Wanders Away

You can defy the logic of nature, but you can not defy the laws of nature…that’s the first lesson of all sorcerers…can I? Why does everyone keep making reference to my can-shape eye?...that’s the joke of the month…fighting…the urge>to continue

~ on flash-memory ~ here’s some music I’ve been exploring lately…n’joy

black mountain Breathe Owl Breathe ~ Ghost Glacier EP

There is a sideswipe to almost every song…points where the strings make you smile whether you like it or not. I love these stories. The soundscape doesn’t exist, yet here it lives…set tao to yin and listen

‘Tobaggan’ has an amazing ghostly feel <I stayed out in the moonlight too long, now everyone can see my face> and the most incredible sensation of being a snowflake.

‘Playing Dead’ sets a darker tone but plays outside…having been an invisible kid, though, it comes off as cute and funny to me…

‘Sabretooth Tiger’ in particular sounds like a collaborating Jonathan Richman and Mary Margaret O’hara were uninterrupted when Doug Martsch stuck his head in the room.

black mountain White Hinterland ~ Phylactery Factory

Another never-heard/wish-I-had band. Strings and piano from Massachusetts…ah, the bittersweet dark chocolate flavour of jazz punk. Casey Dienel sounds a bit like the daughter of bjork and merchant (wait…but the impossible can’t happen twice) mixed in a petrie dish…a Vince Guaraldi spit-cleaned miracle. I’ve got to give credit (although it would be so easy to just run with it), but my partner’s epiphany of current female musicians with a Joni Mitchell inspired sound makes total sense to me now…I can see it all…the blinders have lifted…

‘Lindberghs + Metal Birds’ is one of those songs Marcy from the peanuts gang should have had as one of her themes, you know, if it had finally happened the way I wanted it to happen as a kid where Marcy and Woodstock shared a few scenes…getting all caught up in a cotton candy machine…seriously, it’s what I dreamed of as a kid.

black mountain Damien Youth ~ Sunfield

Well here’s more…The guy has such a huge backlog, before you get tired of having his voice in rotation, you can download even more! Sunfield’s highlight is Susie Cinnamon…or is it Melody Witchcraft…or is it Through the Eyes of Molly? And let’s face it; where else are you going to hear about such great music you’d have otherwise missed?

‘Susie Cinnamon’ is the most radio-friendly track on an album rife with a mysterious mythology. The hook will catch you off-guard and tinker with your reactionary finger-drumming instincts. This song embodies the soul of a regular person hidden amongst the zealots and believers of the other tracks.

‘Decorate’ has a longing ghostliness…like in the sheet with two holes cut out for eyes in the wrong places…and once you catch the lyrics for the distraction of the very pretty guitar you’ll find yourself embarrassed for witnessing such a gorgeously terrifying scene (or is it just in my head?).

black mountain Spokane ~ A Small Commotion

Retrospective of five recordings…free if you follow the link from their MySpace blog...Ok, stop chastising….anywho, A Small Commotion is an album I didn’t really get into until one morning while I was cooking breakfast…then it showed its true colours. It’s one of those background filler albums, but it is perfect as such.

‘The Absentee’ has an urgent commonality. The jazzy brushing traverses oceanic streams and effortlessly wanders away.

black mountain Amelia ~ A Long, Lovely List of Repairs

Tom Brokaw, please introduce this album! Say it over and over again…why does my music player call this country music? I guess if gypsies live in the country. Or in the way Sara ran around in the country woods for the Vox video…

‘Farewell’…two of my friends recently and amicably parted ways…I guess not realizing how much they probably (oh, so definitely) require the balance and support as much as they don’t require it…secretly, I thought this album might bring them back together…about as much as I thought it might give them strength to balance back to two…either way they win…

‘Tragedy’…if you remember the carnival scene from Wings of Desire, when Marion was about to leave, and she passes the chicken-feather wings to the accordion player…yeah, a nice long smooth cigarette of a scene…that’s the feeling of this album…

‘After You’ is probably the most country this album gets <There’s just me…and there’s after you>.

‘Sugar Falls’ lilts.

‘The Great Escape’…hey, whatever happened to Maria McKee?

Amelia is a breath of fresh air whispering secret optimism to the grasses of the plains.

black mountain Black Mountain ~ In The Future

Gosh, I hope so…I hope this is the future…I drove from Vancouver to Wyoming one February, back in the day, and grew tired of the cassettes on hand (that’s how far back it was). Lost for hours on the back roads in Idaho, I finally stopped to ask directions at a gas station. There, on the cassette shelf, was Nazareth’s Razamanaz…“is there any better highway driving music?” I asked the kangaroo in a Santa suit as he hopped past the car (it was a long drive)…now there it is. Summer is going to be great!

Black Mountain complements all those rockin’ bands from the seventies, and picks up some nineties sounds along the way before bringing it all up to date. Yep, there’s something to be said for garage rock, and the efforts of this band take the obsolete, the lost in time, and the origins to the forefront. The evolutionary leap is retained within the confines of say, Patti Smith, Jefferson Airplane, Nazareth, Iron Maiden, Mudhoney, Screaming Trees and Sparklehorse.

“Bright Lights” is near 17 minutes of mogwai speak (the Joe Dante mogwai, not the Stuart Braithwaite and Dominic Aitchison Mogwai)…who besides Mark Kozelek would even think of including a song of this length? Black Mountain, that’s who…This is bang for your buck, if you are buying songs a buck at a time…the seconds are cheap people!