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sometimes, there are storms.  harvesting ambient electromagnetic energy in the future must have caused the sky to fall.  the past was not put away, just stored away like the earth's core, with life spiralling around it, walking on it, placing it on a mantel and observing what observes. 

a portion of energy spanked the ground, turning it to cinnamon silt and burning a crystal fractal into the surrounding rocks.

think of a one way street where a car drives over a can that shoots back behind it.  the tin can is placed  in order to have caused inertia. this tin can was going to fly, whether by weather or by a swift kick, this can was in flight somehow.  the idea of the tin can was to be in a place now, so as to cause what is going to happen.  now and again, the now can create a spontaneous moment in the then.  we know not to do certain things in life, but feel compelled to fulfill the now by acting on things that will have caused us to do those things in the then.

by harvesting the otherwise wasted radio, tv, and other waves a funny thing happened to us.  we know the future.  air waves started to gather in three frequencies, the past, the present, and the future.  what we know is that the written and remembered past is not static.  the past, as it turns out, is as volatile and unknown as the future.

liars have always had a sensativity to these changes in past waves, but no one would have believed them.  the ones who spoke openly about such a different perspective are perceived as untruths in the future, to no avail falling for the trend of the now, and in the past they were redeemed.  there are far more now not formally nor potentially plastic-zipper lock challenged these days that see now's extensive travelling throughout a four lane highway, but there are still few who know the difference between the one way of thinking and what we call ourselves, the awareonauts.

i wish it was that cool.  Eloise remembered a time when she found me as a teenager living in the park.  I had to wonder how many more were out there. the furthest i'd travelled was only four years before i watched her in her hospital room window...

Summer Blasty


Hands - Cities

Shawn Lee
Soul In the Hole


I am a strong admirer of balance.  This album bridges electronic vibrations with organic highlights to create a lucid motown experience.  At visiting the site for the first time, I've come across a instrumental version of Hey Ya that I'm now going to have to track down.  Harmonica #1

Spifunister Sisterun

Earlier, in the mid-80’s in that same small town, I had been listening to a radio feed from Saskatoon. Members of the Northern Pikes were hosting an evening of lesser known artists, one of which was a powerful-voiced Icelandic band. The next day, I went out searching, found, and bought my first copy of Life’s Too Good. I’d be walking down the school hallway, resigned to being different and a loser, with Bjork bouncing around the inside of my skull making it all better. My schoolmates would laugh at me when I confessed that I was listening to a band from Iceland called The Sugarcubes, but, as always, the joke was on them.

The Wedding PResent

Rock 'N Roll Monkey and the Robots
Rock 'N Roll Monkey and the Robots



Get in the car!  Let's go for a ride!  There's room for everyone to crash out for the summer.  Thank god the monkey can provide an early warning hoot to protect us all from the zombies!  Ooh la la...subtle nods to the fall, Tom Waits, and pixies – spinning sinister fun with a two-bird-one-stone pony throw to Alan Strang and Mustang fuckin great is that?

Patriotic Banners

Around the mid-90’s, my life was redefined by a broken limb…a very important limb for my pedestrian lifestyle, I fought for four years to get my life back on track. One of the bands that was with me through that time was Stereolab (and a guy named Peter, who I called Simon because we already had a Peter – just like Jesus!). Poppy, groovy sounds make everything better again…

Bon Iver Woodpigeon
La Commission Scolaire

Bon Iver Woodpigeon
Bon Iver Woodpigeon
Treasury Library Canada c/w Houndstooth Europa

There is no shame in loving your country – when it deserves that love!  Any country that could so silently turn out  underdogs like Woodpigeon deserves that love!  This band from Calgary has been spending a lot of time touring around Europe of late, and it's a damn shame I'm in no position to spend my life following them.  My only one thing, that provides a better life, is that there are so many albums available I can extend this introduction despite the fact that it will be a while before I get a chance to experience a live show.  Magic is the only word that comes to mind – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young meet Iron & Wine magic.  The fact that you haven't heard of them only serves to prove that Canadian Content regulations are not working.

Modern Walls

The Wedding PResent


The Love Language
The Love Language


There is no loss of late '60's throwback here.  Flashy, sugary, boppy rock 'n rolling all the way to the bank...just a smidge of history in the now.  Let's do it, let's fall in love with this funky wall of sound applying recital hall cornucopia acoustics that makes me miss the siss and pop of lp's...

Rivers of Life

Bon Iver

The Blank Tapes

Bon Iver

The Blank Tapes


Download 25 FREE songs at!Harmonicas and banjos set the stage for a complete folk-fun steamboat ride through the mind.  Remember those old cartoons with the anthropomorphic animals bouncing up and down with their elbows out, and the cut-away scenes to the dialogue?  Here's that feeling again... seems almost thematic to begin and end with a particular instrument not held in so high a regard as in years gone by...wndrswy





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