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  New Town Crier is a Vancouver Island based monthly online magazine.

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Street Credit
At the New Town Crier, we're always sharing our thoughts with you, so how about you sharing with others? Click the link below to help us spread the word about our online zine.

You can support the collective by simply sharing the New Town Crier link with friends, or book marking our page.

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Some people despise it, while others can't stop logging in and poking their friends. Either way you cut it, the New Town Crier is now on Facebook.

Let's hear what you have to say. Visit the NTC Facebook page and have your say. Or join the Facebook group.

  New in this edition, you can now comment on the stories you've read. Simply log-on using the Facebook Connect button, or add your comments under the stories by entering your comments under the article you'd like to comment on.
Street Cred
  Street credit, that's right, we want it! Got something on your mind? Send your letters to the editor via our magical cyber link, and have your words published in our next edition of the New Town Crier. Email:

Want to read what other's wrote? Read our last Street Cred here.

What do you think people? We want to hear from you. If you have some feedback for the writers, editor and generally talented folk at the New Town Crier send your words and wisdom our way.

We'd love to hear from you:

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Buy Stuff
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100% of the profits go directly to our contributors.
If you don't believe me, buy something and see how happy our writers are in the next issue of the Crier.
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Support Us
New Town Crier is a Vancouver Island based collective of writers. If you're feeling philanthropic, why not give a little to our contributors? They're people too.

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