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This Month in Street Cred...

Stop Walking On The Flashing Hand

I have to drive Victoria Streets and I am patient enough not to block the crosswalk when the pedestrians have the right of way, I'd appreciate it if you were the same when the hand is flashing not walk.

Dumb People Out There

My partner delivers the newpapers, it's a motor route. She does over 200 houses, 7 days a week, 360 days a year.

Anyway, these people call and say "why are we not getting a paper, it's been 3 days? We have been getting mail."

I said "does the mail man walk? " She says, "yes." Well I said, my partner has over 200 papers from Nanaimo to Nanoose, she cannot walk. "Well, does that mean we don't get a paper until all the snow is gone?" No, I said, until the sideroads are driveable.

We get calls like that all the time.

Street Cred is an open column for the readers of the New Town Crier. Have something to say? We want to hear it. Email us at

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