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Top Ten Lists

Many Happy Returns ~ It’s a three way!

Really? I downloaded this because it sounded like it might be interesting, given the thirty seconds of each song available. I was right. Holy muck-muck this is good. “Shadows” provides more sound-track for World War Z here – post Zombie bite hope in the face of secure premises…the album itself has that organic raver feeling to it through the dark carnival aspects of banjo picking around the repetitious keyboard strums. This current album has crossed into +/- territory with flying colours (and banjo picking!)…

Hands - Cities
Hands ~ Cities EP 2008 listen

The return of Robert Grey (Gotobed) is the best thing that ever happened in my years in ears. A bell is a cup until it is struck and the ideal copy have an intoxicating offspring in this album.

Wire Wire ~ Object 47 2008

Watusi was my favorite album at one time. In fact, it was the night I reclaimed that cassette from the stove at the party where I was dressed as papa smurf that I broke my knee while doing the splits. This is a much welcomed return to the play lists.

The Wedding PResent The Wedding Present ~ El Rey 2008
listen look

Start Off On the Right Foot ~ Best first album.

I know it was independently released in 2007, but the wide release of this album in 2008 is well deserved. I haven’t quite caught on to the most recent release, but for this album - well done!

Bon Iver Bon Iver ~ For Emma, Forever Ago 2008 (2007 independent release)
listen look






White Hinterland ~ Phylactery Factory 2008
Susu ~ Win 2008

Rabbits Are Cooking Breakfast ~ Coffee first.

By the time The Absentee rolls around it is either: time to put the eggs in the hot water to soft-boil for 05:30, time to lay down the first six pieces of French toast, or to put the first half bagels down in your two-slot toaster when preparing for two. For having the best structure to compliment perfectly cooked bacon:

Spokane Spokane ~ A Small Commotion 2008 (Retrospective)
listen look






Fields of Industry ~ Two Dogs, A Television 2008
Sun Kil Moon ~ April 2008

News to Me ~ How did I ever miss it the first time around?

The term twee-pop will never live up to my expectations. The first time I heard the term, I was reading a review of this band. I know better than that now. The strongest hug (and record for most references in 2008, I wonder):

The Field Mice ~ Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way? (retrospective 1989-1991)
listen Look



The Moldy Peaches ~ The Moldy Peaches 2001
Little Wings ~ Magic Wand 2004

Driving Is Crazy, Miss Daisy ~ What’s in your car?

OK. So I almost got t-boned by an ambulance, and I may have backed into that parked car a little heavier than I would have liked, but if this isn’t loud you miss too much of the aural stimulation. The title refers to your heart rate while you pull over to the side of the road to catch your breath before continuing the shaky drive home.

Headlights ~ Some Racing, Some Stopping 2008
Listen Look



Sunny Day Sets Fire ~ Summer Palace 2008
Tut Tut ~ The Heart Goes Nine 2008

Blossoming ~ they’ve been around for years…

Fear the things that go bump in the night. Everything that will scare you, from sea-monsters to ghosts to zombies, all buried within this album. A pop-country song about freezing to death is the lightest track, but really, if you are reading World War Z at all (and if you haven’t yet, what’s the hold-up? Brad Pitt’s production company isn’t going to wait forever for you to read it first.) please remember that From The Grave is the exact feeling one could hope for as companion music. Remember the Japanese kid who was so addicted to his internet chat room he didn’t notice the Zombie uprising in his apartment building? From The Grave is for him…

Aaron Hale and the Boy Detectives ~ Lightning Strike/Phantom Forest 2008



Wallpaper ~ On The Chewing Gum Ground 2008
M83 ~ Saturdays = Youth 2008

Patty O’Follies ~ Serves four at any garden party.

Three ounces of Stoli Vanil
1 ounce Raspberry Sour Puss
1 cup frozen raspberries
1 tsp Lime Cordial (or juice one-half fresh lime)
two cups ice
club soda to texture
one cup ice

You like early Rolling Stones, I know it. If you missed this album, go back for it. Do not pass go. Do not look forward to the next Bon Iver. Turn back now, while you still have your motor functions. When someone tells you the latest nun-on-a-bicycle joke while sneaking a cigarette in the back corner of the yard, you’ll thank me for recommending that recipe. Survival is available for download for free (donations highly recommended):

Forest Fire ~ Survival 2008
Listen look



Black Mountain ~ In The Future 2008
Camera ~ Fire & Science 2008

Lawnlaying ~ I like to work in my yard.

This was one of the first things I put in my saved for later list on eMusic, and one of the last things I downloaded before the year ended. I’m glad I did, if for nothing other than inspiring the title of this section. If you can, appreciate the juxtaposition of remembering Christmas dinner and anticipating the old, dead twigs from my garden: 5 Karma for doing so (redeemable for 3 Samurai bushido or 1 Sufi shariah at most traders).

Origami Ghosts ~ Solving My Own Puzzles... 2007 Listen look



The Bones Of Davey Jones ~ The Bones Of Davey Jones 2008
Breathe Owl Breathe ~ Ghost Glacier 2008 (full album)

Had to kill self, Caught dancing again ~ When you gotta dance it out.

This re-release of limited issue 2005 album is on par with the current entry under Driving is Crazy, Miss Daisy. It is uncanny to me that the two albums were not part of the same recording session, but it moves my inner soft shoe – safely in my home.

Tut Tut ~ Sell Your Ideas, They Are Totally Acceptable 2007
Listen look



Princeton ~ Bloomsbury 2008
Headlights ~ Kill Them With Kindness 2006

Ten from the time warp ~ Use your google for a change:

Joy Division ~ Permanent
Hugo Largo ~ Mettle
Love ~ Forever Changes
Poi Dog Pondering ~ Poi Dog Pondering
Pylon ~ Chain
Pere Ubu ~ Cloudland
Galaxie 500 ~ Today
Nick Drake ~ Five Leaves Left
Download 25 FREE songs at! Dinosaur Jr. ~ You're Living All Over Me
Throwing Muses ~ Red Heaven

book mention:
World War Z – Max Brooks

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