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Free Music Makes Crowds Warm!!!

Expert musicians intertwine in and amongst several bands in similar, yet unique daydreams.  Listeners report this effort to provoke relaxation in urinary tracts. 

You'll pee yourself over Universal Western Attractions.  This album is dedicated to evoking reverie and is available right here.

I found the link (and some words from Matt) at one of my new favorites MungBeing Magazine.

*hint:  click on "Parent Directory" to access other free albums including the blank tapes' newest  release "Friends & Favorites". 

Don't forget to visit Matt's myspace page for more information on this recording and for the latest  from the blank tapes.

top ten

Sin Fang Bous

sin fang bous


Sin Fang Bous is also from Iceland, and I have to say, if this album is at all indicative of the level of accomplishment this year, we listeners are in for a bang up year! There is a clarity amidst this chaos.. .think Jim Guthrie or Sparklehorse… this album plays well both as background and as strict introspective...if you get a chance to check it out, make sure to also check out Sindri’s folksy band Seabear!

Rock `n Roll Monkey and the Robots

rock 'n roll monkey and the robots
Back to Beatsville


Get in the car!  Let's go for a ride!  There's room for everyone to crash out for the summer.  Thank god the monkey can provide an early warning hoot to protect us all from the zombies!  Ooh la la... subtle nods to the fall, Tom Waits, and pixies–spinning sinister fun with a two-bird-one-stone pony throw to Alan Strang and Mustang Sally... how fuckin great is that?

Shawn Lee

shawn lee
Soul in the Hole


I am a strong admirer of balance.  This album bridges electronic vibrations with organic highlights to create a lucid motown experience.  At visiting the site for the first time, I've come across a instrumental version of Hey Ya that I'm now going to have to track down.  Harmonica #1.

Mum Smokes

mum smokes
Easy/House Music


Just some nice clean background music with enough Pixies twist to make Teenage Fanclub blush a sweet My Bloody Valentine rouge. 'Left For Dead' is amazingly catchy with it's falsetto "yeah yeah yeah—yeahyeahyeahyeah—yeahyeah yeahyeahyeahyee—yeah yeahyeah yeahyeahyeah yeah yeah—yeahyeah yeahyeah yeahyay"— add to Halloween.

Idgy Dean

Idgy Dean
Ok Cadavers!


She's 21.  Check one - alternative.  She recorded this in her basement.  Check 2 - low fidelity.  Layered perfectly, this album recalls early 80's Athens GA via Pylon and early '09 via Sin Fang Bous. Throwing Muses at their rawest moment was at this place once.  If Madonna wants a punk lesson, here she is... Idgy Dean!


Mazes: Face Down on Forest Roads


Heartfelt highway music to embolden the spirit.

Jack of Heart

jack of heart
Jack of Heart: Petrus Complains


Classic rock sound gets to the heart of it.

Cotton Jones

cotton jones
Paranoid Cocoon: Some Strange Rain


If you get lost in lee hazelwood.

The XX

the xx
XX: Infinity


Mostly for finding the missing link between a small town boy and wicked games.

Honeybody Moonbee

honeybody moonbee
China Basin


Because I'm a sucker for ukulele-backed vocal stylings.

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